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I once had a quest, who visited for the first time, place his feet on my coffee table. After the event started, a basketball game on TV began, he removed his feet from my table. The next time he was invited to watch another game, he did it again. At that point I said “Dude,Continue reading “SLIENCE EQUALS APPROVAL.”


What I FEARED has started. Regarding #TheSlapHeardAroundTheWorld.A Right Wing Nut Job compared Will Smith. to all the people who attacked Capitol on #Jan6.One comment online said, “Didn’t Oscars start in Compton? Well it ended in Compton too.I went from extreme pride to see the city I came to age in honored, to extreme embarrassment, watchingContinue reading “WILL SMITH AND HIS FANS LOST!”

The Changing Disguise of Racism.

After the election of Obama. There was this consensus among many that America had become “Post Racial”. My reply to those who would agree, was, “Racism never leaves America, it just chances its disguise.” Proof, is the complaint from the racist Right regarding, Critical Race Theory (CRT). As I watched Marsha Blackburn’s, idiotic rant onContinue reading “The Changing Disguise of Racism.”

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