What if Content of Character is racist?

Let’s keep 💯!Certain people are weaponizing MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech to support racist voting laws and practices in America.Yes King said, we should judge people “by the content of their character”.Well, guess what?I you support Trump, the content of of your character is racist. If you think Critical Race Theory, is a problemContinue reading “What if Content of Character is racist?”


King Richard is a very good movie.It’s not about proverty, abuse, racism or trying to get out of prison.It’s a story about a man who had a plan, that came to fruition.I met him and his daughters in Compton on a small, out the way, tennis court on, Central and Alondra, next to Compton Airport.IContinue reading “KING RICHARD”

A License to Kill

It doesn’t escape me that Rittenhouse was found not quilty of murder and mayhem, at a protest over a black man, Jacob Blake, who was shot 7 times in the back because police “assumed” he was going for a gun, in his car.Rittenhouse and cops who shot Blake, had same excuse.“I FEARED FOR MY LIFE”ItContinue reading “A License to Kill”


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