BE PATIENT?! You’re kidding, right?

When it comes to asking voters to be patient, regarding government bills and laws, it’s not going to work with black voters.

In a broad scope, blacks believe tbey have been waiting 166 to 402 years depending on who you ask. Me personally, I have been waiting 57 years, I’m 68.

Therefore $15 minimum wage and voting rights must be number one and two priorities for Biden administration and Democrat leaders.

Voting rights actually must be number one. Red states already making it hard for blacks to vote. Forget about young people and older voters, they are collateral damage. Blacks are the primary target.

In 2012 a Philadelphia RNC chair, said as much. All they needed was to restrict “5%” of black vote to give Mitt Romney the election. Hillary lost 6 pts of black voters in 2016 than voted in 2012.

I have mixed feelings about Clinton being a bad campaigner. I think GOP was successful in killing off 4.4 million black votes in 2016.

Joe Biden during his inaugural address, promised black voters he had their back

In black culture there is an old saying. “Money talks bullsh*t walks”s

It’s kitchen table with blacks. Not any loafty service provided in our neighborhoods or blaming GOP.

Blacks by necessity are very intelligent voters. We know Dems have the power.

They are not goibg to buy, “We can’t be as ruthless as GOP.

There will be a resounding “why not?” That’s why we, under enormous obstacles, help give you the presidency, House of Representatives and Senate.

Not to mention the filibuster was used to fight civil rights.

Play with black voters if you want too. Their patience is pas thin. I know mine is!

Published by marblesmind

Freelance journalist, Studied journalism at LACC. Former Member of Los Angeles Press Club. 1975. 6 year Navy Vet, during Vietnam. Last 3 years Naval Intelligence unit.

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